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17 Terms Every Sheet Metal Buyer Should Know

Many of the objects we see and use every day are made from sheet metal. It’s in our cars and appliances, our offices and elevators, and in o…

Sheet Metal: A Versatile Industry Staple

Since the Industrial Revolution, sheet metal has played an increasingly important role in global manufacturing. Today, sheet metal is used e…

Aluminum: The Lightweight Material That Delivers Heavyweight Performance

Aluminum is the metal of choice for many consumer and industrial applications. Global demand for aluminum, forecasted to exceed 80 million t…

Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Aluminum extrusions are widely used for specific purposes in a range of markets such as, automotive, consumer products, HVAC architecture, e…

Aircraft aluminum

It’s lightweight, it’s incredibly strong, it’s extremely resistant to corrosion, it’s aluminum: the most-used metal in the air! In the late…

Located strategically in both Ontario and Québec, our facilities boast over 150,000 square feet of warehouse and production space, proudly serving manufacturers in both Canada and the United States.

Fast Turnaround & Delivery

Fast Turnaround & Delivery

Metallurgists and Product Specialists on Staff

Metallurgists and Product Specialists on Staff

Serving Canada and the US Metal Needs

Serving Canada and the US Metal Needs